Welcome to Grieving Hearts.I began this site with a number of ideas and thoughts in mind.  To begin with, who is this site for?

  • For anyone who knows the pain of grief
  • Grief from the death of a loved one
  • Grief from life transitions such as divorce, major illness/disability, job loss, empty nest, moving, and the list goes on…
  • It is also for those who walk along side of those who are grieving – pastors, spiritual directors, counselors, family and friends
  • A unique component to this site is that it is also for poets, liturgists, and worship leaders (more on this later)

One of the things that is of fundamental importance to me and my vision for this site, is that it be dedicated to listening and sharing from the heart, and experiencing God in all aspects of life.  This said, this site is also for those who may be finding it difficult to find God in church at this time.  This site is not affiliated with any particular denomination; and though I will be sharing from my Christian heritage, all faith traditions are welcome here.  All that is asked is that when posting, that it be respectful, and mindful that one’s own way of seeing and experiencing is not the only way of seeing and experiencing – each persons experience is valid, even if we do not understand it or personally relate to it.  The page for posting is: My Thoughts Blog – this is my primary blog page where I will be sharing different thoughts on grief and worship. I invite to share your own thoughts and reactions so that we can have meaningful dialogue.

An underlying motivation for this site is to begin to develop a reader base for my book, “Grieving Hearts In Worship: A Ministry Resource.  I plan to offer some forum discussions on different chapters and topics from the book.  As the site grows there will be opportunities for sharing liturgy, poetry and other worship resources and rituals that help in the healing journey.  In the meantime, if you take a look at the sub-page of under Books and Projects, and then go to the project page Shades of Grief – here I will be sharing original poetry and poems that touch my own heart.  I will be starting with some of the poems from my book, Grieving Hearts in Worship, but I will also share some poems that I did not include in that publication.  At some point, I plan to compile all the poems together as a published work..  I invite your feedback and dialogue, and sharing how the poems touch you.

I’m glad that you are here.  I look forward to listening and sharing with you as we grieve together, and experience God’s transformative presence in all aspects of life – even the most painful.

Know that you are being held in the healing light of God’s love.