Never Forget

One of the myths about grief in our society is that it is something we “get over,” as if our memory is wiped clean and we no longer remember our loved ones.  Part of the grief experience is moving forward with our lives; learning to create a new sense of identity and purpose now that our loved one is no longer physically present.  However, we do not forget, nor do we “get over” or grief.  The pain does shift, and we do find that there is joy.  One of the joys is remembering – not forgetting the wonderful memories.  Like the picture above, brings back many wonderful memories of my grandparents.  This was the last trip they ever took, and it was to come from California to Illinois for my graduation from Seminary.  We then drove down to Vandalia, where my grandfather was born, and our ancestors had lived for a couple of generations.  Grandpa and his parents moved to California when he was 4.  So this was a wonderful time of family history – of not forgetting, but of remembering.

Today on Facebook the following story was being shared It is a wonderful and touching story of a widow who has never forgotten, and a town who has never forgotten.

Grief is a journey of remembering, it is also a journey of learning how to remember to both honors our loved one and empowers us to live our lives in a new way; but we never forget.

Holding you in the light of the loving God who never forgets and is always present,