Amazing Grace

Music has a way of touching the soul, deep within our being. It has a language that transcends words, can bypass our thought process and awaken our senses and emotions.

When I  went on a retreat last summer, I was struggling with my physical limitations due to my chronic illnesses.  I was grieving what I could no longer do.  I could no longer dance or freely move my body without fear of falling or having an episode of vertigo. One morning we were being led through some body exercises, and I moved more than I should have causing an episode of vertigo.  So I sat waiting for it to pass, but still listening to what the group was doing.  I remember really wrestling inside myself – angry that this had occurred, yet determined not be disconnected from the group.  It was a battle.

I went to my room and journaled the experience, letting my anger and pain pour out in poetry and prayer.  I opened my heart to God, and in so doing, I began to find some peace.  Little did I know this was preparing me for the next exercise.  We gathered outside, and Betsey, one of our leaders, danced while telling a story about surrendering.  She then turned on some music, cello and violin, and invited us to do an arm dance with one of our arms.  The cello instantly became alive within me and my right arm began to dance to its rhythms, then my left arm came to life with the violin and the two arms wove together in dance.  In that moment, I was one with the music – and I was more whole than I had ever been in my life.  The music broke through my pain and sorrow, allowing healing and new life to emerge.

The hymn Amazing Grace, with and without the words has found a way to touch people in profound ways, and bring healing in times of sorrow.  I was recently shown this clip of Andre Rieu in concert.  I found it to be quite moving personally, but notice the people in the audience, how deeply they are moved as well.

Andre Rieu – Amazing Grace

Music touches the soul, inviting healing and wholeness.

Holding you in the light of God’s healing love