Don’t Miss The Meaning

On “Good Morning America” this morning it was announced that anchorwoman, Robin Roberts’ mother Lucimarian Roberts had died at the age of 88. Robin left the show a day earlier than planed for her extended medical leave of absence so that she could go and be with her ailing mom in Mississippi. Robin and her sister, with incredible determination, braved the elements of Hurricane Issac to reach their mother in time to say good bye. Those who have watched GMA and Robin, know the amazing faith of her mother and the powerful influence she has had not only on Robin and her siblings, but on a countless number of people. Lucimarian was a trail-blazer, often the first African American woman in her area to accomplish what had all too often be denied African Americans.

In an interview on CNN.COM, Robin says, “There’s a point that really resonates with me when I think about this time of my life. Life provides losses and heartaches for all of us, but the greatest tragedy is to have the experience and miss the meaning,” Roberts said Thursday. “I am determined not to miss that meaning, because through it, I have discovered that I have been given many gifts, gifts that will carry me through this difficult time.”

Robin’s words resonate with me. I won’t try and put words into Robin’s mouth, but will speak from my own experience and what her words stir within me. The greatest gift we can ever receive is the gift of love. On page 250 of Grieving Hearts in Worship I state, “Grief and love go hand in hand. We grieve because we love and we love because God first loved us. (1 John 4). Just prior to this I remind the readers of the amazing proclamation and promise in 1 Corinthians 13 – “LOVE NEVER ENDS.” For me, this is the ultimate meaning as we weave our ways through the journey of grief.

Yes, we have tumultuous storm of emotions that are also an important part of the grief experience. Those who know me, know that I don’t shy away from these uncomfortable dimensions of the journey – but don’t miss the meaning while going through the experience. Don’t lose sight of love – of God’s love, of your loved one’s love, of your love, and the love of your community of family and friends. No matter how dark it gets, hold on to the promise, that love never ends!

As always, I am holding you in the light of God’s healing love…