Books, Projects & Ministries

Here you will find updates on the variety of projects that I am working on.  For specific books or projects, you will find a sub-page that is solely dedicated to that project.  As new projects emerge, you will find more sub-pages being added.  At the moment there are two such sub-pages – the first focuses on my first book, Grieving Hearts in Worship: A Ministry Resource; the second is, Shades of Griefs – this is a collection of original poetry on different aspects of the grief journey.  I will be adding poems as the Spirit moves – my hope is at least once a month, but this will often depend on my health status.  I invite your feedback and sharing on what stirred within as you read the different poems.

A third project, is a children’s story (with adult intentions) titled, with the tentative title of: Dancing With The Wind: A Tale of Three Colors, Purple, Blue and Orange.  A story about our deep inner call and need for unity and oneness with all of creation, and the pain and grief we endure from separation. This particular project has some exciting possible collaboration ideas; as well as testing out a new found joy of water color painting – we shall see how the Spirit moves.

A fourth project is near and dear to my heart, as it touches on my own personal life story.  I am now writing a new book, tentatively titled:  Choosing Life: Reflections on Faith and Living with Chronic Disease.  I have lived with chronic disease for many years, and more recently have become disabled. In this book I will be sharing my story, my experiences with God in the midst of pain, illness and despair.  This will be a book that will look at grief, not because of the death of a loved one, but because of ones failing body, and the many losses that occur around that. Also included in this book will be some of the prayer visions I have received over time, and different metaphors of the spiritual life.

Over that last year or two, as I continue to navigate an ever-changing life journey, and seeking ways that I can still use my gifts in ministry, I am blessed to be involved with two very special on-line ministries. The first is Always We Begin Again (AWBA)… a ministry specifically for those who live with chronic diagnosis and those who support them. The second is Abbey of the Arts; and on-line monastic community with a focus on the expressive arts. You can find out more about these ministries and my involvement with them on their own sub-page.

Once again, I invite you to explore and share your thoughts and ideas, as the Spirit moves you. Thank you for visiting my website and this particular page. I pray that God blesses your day.

  • Look forward to seeing your works in progress.

    • Michael Landon

      Thanks! I am excited about the many possibilities the future holds.