Grieving Hearts in Worship

My first book and inspiration for this website is now available through my publisher AuthorHouse.  The above link will take you right to the book on their bookstore website.  The book is available in hardback, soft cover and e-book.  It is also available through other on-line book retailers, and will hopefully be available in brick and mortar stores soon.

The following is the brief description from the back of the book:

Grieving Hearts in Worship offers an in-depth opportunity to answer challenging questions concerning a growing disconnect between how we grieve and how we worship God. Through the use of stories, poetry, creative worship services and thought-provoking discussions, Landon shares his unique understanding of the nature of our need for rituals in worship as a beneficial part of our journey towards healing. By exploring major thoughts and writings on grief, he identifies common threads, weaving together a living tapestry that expresses the depth of personal and communal experiences of grief. Reading this contemplative approach to discussing grief and its place in worship will open your eyes to a new way of seeing God’s love for the grieving. The book’s practical suggestions offer church leaders and members a blend of topics, worship services, and reflection questions that include:

  • Attitudes About Death and Grief
  • Annual Remembrance Services
  • Finding Hope in Brokenness
  • Anger and Vulnerability in Worship
  • Rediscovering Joy
  • Walking the Labyrinth
  • When A Church Dies

I pray that you and the bereaved you walk with are blessed.  As the site grows, I will be offering opportunities for forum discussions on the various topics and issues raised in the book.  I look forward to the dialogue, the collective wisdom, to listening and sharing, and seeing how God is moving in each of our lives as we grieve together.


Here is what some readers have had to say about Grieving Hearts in Worship:

Michael Landon has written a much needed book about the need for church communities to be places of witness and wisdom in times of great grief and loss. With depth, great care for his subject, and poetic grace he offers many resources for ritual, reflection, and practical application. This is essential reading for learning the art of grieving well in community.

Christine Valters Paintner, PhD

Author of The Artist’s Rule: Nurturing Your Creative Soul with Monastic Wisdom


I appreciate the pastoral, practical and poetic approach which Grieving Hearts in Worship takes to support a grieving congregation or congregant in the context of worship. I certainly would have benefited from this resource as a young pastor right out of seminary twenty years ago, because the book engages real issues of loss in a way that offers those learning the ropes as a well-grounded guide. As an experienced pastor, this book draws me into a relevant dialogue about the place of congregational worship in the intimate healing journey of an individual or family. Grieving Hearts in Worship’s impact will deepen when lay leaders and worship teams join the pastor in studying and implementing this material together.

Rev. Dr. Felipe N. Martinez

Associate Executive Presbyter, Whitewater Valley Presbytery

In our chaotic world, persons in ministry are often required to provide comfort and spiritual support for those facing end of life issues. Doing so requires mastery of skill in providing comfort and practical help for those who grieve. This book offers clarity and practical application for serving others with dignity and spiritual insight.


The strongest lens in the world might give perfect acuity, but the lens would not cause the wearer to understand what is viewed. This book will provide better focus, insight and clear understanding of the role and the how-to required in serving those who face death.

Rev. R.G. & Anne Boone

Hospital Chaplain & Health and Wellness Professional


There are any number of books available that will tell us what we should do to help guide others through the bereavement process, but seldom do we find a book that dares to address exactly how it should be done; this is just such a book. Rev. Landon’s artfully crafted services and liturgies have been tried and tested through his years in ministry. This is not just another book to read; this is a book to use. I think this will be a valuable asset for ministry.

Jene McVay CRE

Lay Pastor, Milligan Memorial Presbyterian Church

Crawfordsville, IN


Again, here is the link, this will take you to the publisher’s bookstore page for my book.  Remember to check back for updates on forum discussions and conversations through my blog Thoughts on Grief, and there is also the poem a month you can find on the sub-page Shades of Grief.

Know you are being held in the light of God’s healing love,